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Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising requirements

  1. Set up your fundraising page via the Berry Long Run campaign

  2. Update your page with your bio, profile pic and personal goals

  3. Email the link to friends, family, co-workers and community

  4. Share your page on social media

  5. Record your training on your page

  6. Thank the people who donate to your page

Other ideas to boost donations

  1. Hold a cake stall or BBQ

  2. Organise a raffle at work

  3. Get people to sponsor you $1 per kilometre you run

  4. Ask for donations instead of birthday gifts

  5. Ask a business or your workplace to match your donations (up to a certain amount e.g. $250 or $500)

  6. Sponsor yourself first!

  7. Send text messages to people who are not on socials or email


Note: Let Vicki Renner at Berry Street know if you’d like support with approaching a business to match your donations as the team has experience with that process.

News Flash!

We’re again providing a special trophy and prize for the person who has the combined highest fundraising and running stats!

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