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The race is run 100% not for profit. Any proceeds net of strictly managed costs go to Berry Street (Learn More below). But that's not enough! We ask our participants to at least set up a runner profile through our Berry Long Run fundraising page (click on the 'Fundraise' button at the top when you get there) and send at least one email to friends and family. Those who wish to drive their fundraising further will find it highly rewarding! 

The Cause

Berry Long Run has been raising money for Berry Street since 2014 and this year we’re celebrating our tenth anniversary! Please help us make this year the biggest and best ever and set up your fundraising page as soon as possible. Berry Street works with some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children, young people and families in Victoria.

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Funds raised to date for Berry Street by Berry Long Run:


We’re raising funds to support people who have experienced family violence. Berry Street offers free family violence services to victim survivors, including LGBTIQA+ people and children, who have experienced any form of family violence. They help victim survivors stay in their community wherever possible, while also addressing their emotional and practical needs.

How will your fundraising help?

Berry Street is seeing more and more kids and people who have experienced family violence, and the sad truth is that most children who are removed from home have experienced family violence, as well as neglect and abuse. Berry Street is needed more than ever to support children to find safe homes, recover from their trauma, and feel safe again.


Berry Street supports:

  • people who are looking for help, support, local services or information

  • relatives or friends who are concerned for a friend or family member

  • workers from other agencies who need information or a secondary consult.


Berry Street family violence services include:

  • assessing risk and safety planning

  • referrals to refuges and emergency accommodation if required

  • connecting people with local services, including legal services and Community Health Centres

  • case management

  • support in court

  • counselling and other therapeutic support for recovery after violence

  • helping people who have used force in their relationships.

Read more about Berry Street’s family violence work here.


Jesse’s dad was violent, and he’s trying to find a safe home

Jesse* is 13 years old, but already he’s lived in more than ten different foster homes. When he was just five years old, Jesse and his little brother and sister watched their mum pass away in front of them. That’s enough trauma to last a lifetime, but things only went from bad to worse.


Jesse’s dad was extremely violent towards the three small children, and they lived in constant terror. All they wanted was their mum – and to feel safe again. To make matters worse, Jesse’s dad was dealing drugs from the house… one of Jesse’s most vivid memories is of being little and putting on an apron to help his dad cook drugs. These are all memories that Jesse has trouble escaping.


Unfortunately, right now Jesse's foster carer is unable to look after him any longer, and Jesse doesn’t have a permanent home. It’s impossible for kids to feel settled when they move from home to home, and after years of disruption, Jesse feels completely alone.


Despite all that he’s experienced, Jesse is a kind and resilient boy. He loves animals and misses all the pets he’s lived with in previous foster homes. He keeps photos of his favourites and remembers all their names. Now all Jesse wants is a long-term foster home where he can finally get his own pet dog, one that he can keep with him all the time.


When you sign up for the Berry Long Run, the funds you raise will go towards kids like Jesse, and many more who urgently need care, support and the chance to recover. As soon as you’ve registered for the BLR, visit the Berry Long Run fundraising campaign and create your individual page. Then you’re ready to share it with friends, family, co-workers and anyone else who might support your fundraising goals.


Thank you for your support, and good luck in the Berry Long Run!


*Name changed to protect the privacy of the people in Berry Street's care

By fundraising for the Berry Street GOALS program you are helping some of the most vulnerable children in Victoria.

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