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Generic Course Info

Detailed Map of Start Line

The Start/Finish area is located at BLACKWOOD MINERAL SPRINGS - 41 Golden Point Rd, Blackwood.

start line.JPG

Start / Finish Line Parking

The Start/Finish area is accessed through the same entry road as the caravan park.  There is nearly sufficient parking at the springs (which is a picnic area with toilets), but with high participation this year, later arrivals will be directed back out onto the nearby streets.


Please observe directions from parking attendants and respect local residents by parking considerately. It's a small town, so you won't have much of a walk to get back to the start area. 

Course Markings

After the first 18kms, the course follows the official Lerderderg Track, which is marked with the Great Dividing Trail symbol, as shown here (although not always mounted on helpfully bright yellow paint, unfortunately).


However, any turns you need to make will be marked for the race. We will also counter-mark with crosses any false turns we think might present a choice to a dazed and confused ultra-runner, BUT NOT EVERY POSSIBLE INTERSECTION. If you’re in some doubt and there are no markings anywhere at all, stay on the same track you’re on – straight! If really concerned, wait for the next runner and confer. 

Red arrows (BLR70 branded) are the key thing to look out for. There will also be ribbons hanging from trees/bushes, usually for a short spell after an intersection, so you can confirm you’ve taken a ‘righty’, not a ‘wrongy’. Our ribbons are YELLOW, with high-viz chequering. Ignore other ribbons (e.g. thin strips tied around trees) - some marking has been left out on the course from informal events.

course marking.png

Toilet Locations

Toilets are located at the start/finish line as well as at O'Briens Crossing

Aid Stations

Aid stations are stocked with a variety of foods and drinks including chips, lollies, fruit, fruit cake, Coke, etc.

They will have some Vfuel gels and electrolytes, thanks to our returning nutrition sponsor Vfuel Australia/Wildplans.

NOTE: we are going CUP FREE this year to reduce waste. Each participant will receive Berry Long Run flexi-cup to use in this and future races. 

aid station2.jpg
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