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Safety Info

Trail Safety / Etiquette

The trails are open to the public, so please extend maximum courtesy to any walkers/other park users you come across. Leave no rubbish at all. Obviously as trail runners you'll not intentionally drop anything, but pay special attention to avoid accidentals such as the ripped off tops of gel wrappers that can tend to escape you when you're on the move/tired.

Please be aware that standard trail/ultra protocol applies. If you come across a runner in difficulty, you are obliged to stop and give assistance. Where possible help them to the next aid station, and/or call in to one of the phone numbers on your bib. If there is definitely a medical emergency, please call emergency services directly.

If leaving the trail, for example for toileting (note standard bush protocol: not within 100m of any water source/creek, dig a pit 15-20cm deep and cover), please remove your pack and leave it on the trail so that our sweeps will not mistakenly pass you. It is critical for your safety that our sweeps can be sure they have remained behind the last runner.

Phone Coverage

Phone coverage is very patchy. (Telstra is best)

However, there is much better data coverage in the area. This means you may be able to utilise methods like Facebook Messenger/WhatsApp when you can't call/text. 

Snake Bite Info

While it is rare to see a snake, and even rarer  to be bitten, we are running in their home.  

Become familiar with this St John Snake Bite fact sheet so you know what to do in an emergency.

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